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New 2020 ANSI A92 Standard

Are you up-to-date with the new 2020 ANSI A92 Standards?

Although ANSI Accredited Standards Developers (ASC) voted to extend the effective date of the standards to June 1, 2020, it's important to be prepared for the upcoming changes.

These standards were updated to improve efficiency and safety of aerial work platform design and its operators.

The three standards affected are:

  • A92.20 Design, Calculations, Safety Requirements and Test Methods for MEWPs

  • A92.22 Safe Use of MEWPs

  • A92.24 Training Requirements fro the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of MEWPs

Vertical Technologies has the resources to help your business stay on top of regulation, operations, and safety changes. Contact us to schedule a certification class for operators and supervisors! We also offer Trained Supervisor Certification in compliance with the most recent updates to ANSI Standards.

A92's Long Timeline

Approved November 2018

Appealed May 2019; Effective date pushed back to December 2019

ANSI's ASC meets October 2019;

Effective date pushed back to March 2020

ASC meets February 2020;

Effective date pushed back to June 2020

Originally, the A92 Standards were approved in November 2018.

However, multiple appeals in May 2019 pushed back the effective date to December 2019.

Appeals made by the American Rental Association (ARA) and Tutus Solutions were to the Manual of Responsibilities, and to an increase of manufacturer's permissions regarding outside companies making additions to existing MEWPs.

Before the first push-back date could take effect, members of ANSI's ASC again pushed the effective date back to March 2020.

Most recently, ASC voted in February 2020 to again push back the date — this time, to June 2020.

This vote followed a petition filed by 10 organizations, including JLG, Genie, AEM, and other industry stakeholders to end the appeals process and publish the standards on March 1. The petition claimed that the ongoing process has caused unnecessary confusion and disruption to the industry.

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