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More About Vertical Technologies

Vertical Technologies has been helping Hawaii reach new heights in the aerial lift equipment industry since 1997.

We are committed to excellent customer care and being there for you every step of the way as partners to achieve your optimum potential.

We provide high quality, performance-guaranteed M.E.W.P.s, or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, for commercial, industrial, and contracted jobs requiring any work at heights ranging from 12’ to 125’.

We are the most reliable option for aerial lift equipment rentals, sales, and repairs.

Because we believe that safety is a main priority, our licensed training specialists offers up-to-date certification classes for operations, safety, and regulatory training.


It is our mission to provide the best customer experience for our O’ahu family – we are dedicated to building strong relationships and furthering the progress of local businesses of Hawaii.

We treat you with respect, support you through your job, and continue our commitment to uphold customer care after the job is done.


Vertical Technologies began as one forklift in 1997.

With a bit of elbow grease and a community of hard workers, one forklift became two, and Vertical Technologies grew to the company it is today.

I felt lucky and blessed

at the point in my life, 20 years ago,

laughs founder Barry Castle.

“I feel like it was a cycle of positive economic conditions for the business and the niche that we were in; it really allowed us to grow.”

Vertical Technologies has now been proudly serving Hawaii for 23 years.

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Unknown member
Aug 25, 2021

We had operator training for our crew done by Greg Gines on our jobsite and the feedback from the crew was great. Although the crew knew how to operate the machines, the training has broadened their knowledge and awareness when it's time to operate.

-MANA Construction

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